Blog using Grails and MongoDB

I have created a simple blog using Grails and MongoDB (demo hosted at heroku). You can find the source code for this blog at github.

You can also browse around the admin module of the blog using following credentials.

URL: Username: visitor Password: visitor123 Following are the list of plugins I have used in this project.

Default Plugins

  • Jquery 1.8.3
  • Resources 1.2
  • Tomcat 2.2.4
  • Cache 1.0.1

Security Plugins

  • Spring Security

Cloud Plugins

  • Webxml 1.4.1
  • Heroku 1.0.1
  • Cloud Support 1.0.8

Other Plugins

  • ckeditor

Note: You may have to refresh the hosted blog at heroku couple of times if you are the 1st one accessing it in the last 2 hours as the free version of heroku goes to sleep after a while.