Blog using Grails, AngularJS and MongoDB

I have created simple blog ( using GrailsAngularJS and MongoDB. This blog uses grails asset pipeline plugin to minify, uglify and bundle resources. Minification of CKEditor is disabled as it was causing some errors. You can find the source on GitHub.

You can use following credential to login to admin area of the blog.

Username: admin

Password: admin123 Note: To keep the integrity of the blog updates and deletes have been disabled.

Two different grails layout are created to initialize frontend and backend app. You can find following entries in _URLMappings _file pointing to path of these apps.


“/admin”(view:”/admin/index”) Frontend and Backend of the application are seprated in two different folders.

All the assets and angular views for Frontend can be found in following path

gamb/grails-app/assets/javascripts/blog.js (Asset pipeline frontend manifest)



gamb/web-app/blog/* (Angular JS html views) All the assets and angular views for Backend can be found in following path gamb/grails-app/assets/javascripts/admin.js (Asset pipeline backend manifest)



gamb/web-app/admin/* (Angular JS html views) All angular plugins are installed using bower. Just goto dir gamb/grails-app/assets/ and run following command to install additional plugins. bower install

Key Plugins of Grails

Key Plugins of Angular

  • Angular route - for manging routes
  • Angular sanitize - for encoding html written in posts
  • Angular resourece - for communicating with APIs
  • Angulartics - for Google Analytics tracking
  • Angular http auth inteceptor - for authentication and intercepting authorized requests
  • Angular bootstrap - Twitter bootstrap Please leave your valuable comments below.

Note: You may have to refresh the hosted blog at heroku couple of times if you are the 1st one accessing it in the last 2 hours as the free version of heroku goes to sleep after a while.